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A decade that has revived the field of AI has ended with the AI Debate.

AI DEBATE : Yoshua Bengio | Gary Marcus

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Sales Summary For November 13, 2019 — December 23, 2019

At Mila in Montreal, on Monday, December 23, 2019, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST), Gary Marcus and Yoshua Bengio debated on the best way forward for AI. ZDNet described the event organized by MONTREAL.AI as a “historic event”.

The AI Debate has been compared to the Lincoln–Douglas Great Debates of 1858. 5,225 tickets were RSVP’d for the live event. Since then, the Facebook live stream alone has been viewed more than 32,000 times.

There was quite a twitter storm after the AI Debate!

Twitter Analysis of the AI Debate

According to a Twitter analysis of the AI Debate by Samira A.Rahimi and Peyman Ghasemi., the debate sparked joy 🙂

“Aggregation of emotions in tweets of #AIDebate shows that the top emotions were :1) Joy , 2) Fear, & 3) Surprise. Overall, people enjoyed the debate & majority of the words were positive.” — Dr. Samira A.Rahimi

Twitter analysis of the AI Debate, by Samira A.Rahimi and Peyman Ghasemi

Worldwide Audience : 100 countries and 1,000 cities

AI DEBATE : Yoshua Bengio | Gary Marcus

Top 50 countries in decreasing order : United States, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Switzerland, Portugal, Japan, Viet Nam, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Ghana, Austria, Peru, Pakistan, Israel, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Colombia, Indonesia, Romania, Nepal, Malaysia, Belgium, Argentina, Taiwan, Chile, Ukraine , Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Denmark, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, and Lithuania!

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Early Impacts of the Historical AI Debate — From Authorities in Science, Luminaries and Scholars

The debate is lifting the state of discourse on the best way forward for AI.

AI DEBATE : Yoshua Bengio | Gary Marcus

Kevin Mitchell | Blog on Innate Priors

Inspired by the Yoshua Bengio / Gary Marcus AI Debate, Kevin Mitchell wrote an excellent blog, “How much innate knowledge can the genome encode?”.

Very nice blog. I think neocortex uses a dozen or so general-purpose priors that help with learning and inference, and understanding how to encode those priors is an important challenge for AI. — Dileep George

Excellent blog by Kevin Mitchell on how much knowledge a genome encodes, inspired by Yoshua Bengio / Gary Marcus #AIDebate

Steven Pinker | Historic AI Debate

Steven Pinker, cognitive scientist at Harvard, tweeted about the report on the Historic AI debate between Gary Marcus and Yoshua Bengio : “Do smart systems need symbols, variables, innate priors, modularity?

Steven Pinker, cognitive scientist at Harvard, on the AI Debate

Jornal do Comércio | AI Debate of the Year Cites Lamb’s Work

In an article titled “Debate do ano em IA cita trabalho de Lamb — AI debate of the year cites Lamb’s work”, the Jornal do Comércio noted :

O livro Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Reasoning, uma coautoria do pesquisador em Inteligência Artificial (IA) e líder da Secretaria Estadual de Inovação, Ciência e Tecnologia (SICT), Luís Lamb, com Artur Garcez e Dov Gabbay, foi citado na semana passada naquele que foi considerando o grande debate sobre o futuro da IA no mundo.” — Jornal do Comércio

Narges Razavian | Deep Learning in Medicine

Narges Razavian, Assistant Professor at NYU MedSchool, will share the AI Debate with her students in the upcoming Spring 2020 class: “deep learning in medicine” for students from NYU Sackler and CDS and Courant and Tandon.

Dileep George | Cartoon About the AI Debate

Cartoon about the AI Debate by Dileep George

There was actually a cartoon about the AI Debate by Dileep George!

A New Decade Begins with the AI Debate

The Best Way Forward for AI

The AI Debate was a Christmas gift form MONTREAL.AI to the international AI community. Our thanks to Gary Marcus and Yoshua Bengio, to Mila for hosting us and to the collaborative Montreal AI Ecosystem.

Slides, readings and more are on the MONTREAL.AI debate webpage and the conversation on the best way forward for AI is continuing on social media with the hashtag : #AIDebate