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Product definition workshop

The key purpose of the workshop was to create alignment within the development team, and rapidly arrive at a solution to be tested in the marketplace. Providing valuable market and user feedback, together with learnings that would inform the final solution.

The product definition workshop should be seen as a 1-day co-creation session tapping into the collective intelligence of the product team. We divide it into the following key four steps:

A. Define a shared team vision for the product (together with success criteria)
B. Define the key users of a potential product (Their needs from it? Triggers for using it? What stops them using it?)
C. Develop ideas & prioritize features that meet key user needs
D. Create a paper-prototype & improve it through user testing

Here is the schedule from the day we ran with the Plant Jammer team:

08.30 Setup

09.00 Check-in & desired outcomes (align expectations)
09.30 Product Vision, success & KPI’s (lego exercise)
10.15 Break (coffee/tea/snack)
10.30 Archetypes (define needs, triggers, barriers)
11.15 Rapid idea development (teams of 2)

12.00 Lunch & walk around the block (reset)

13.00 Key-feature prioritization (core, hero, park)
13.45 Paper-prototyping key features (parallel teams)
14.30 break (coffee/tea/snacks)
14.45 User testing + iteration (parallel teams)
15.30 Consolidate + next steps
15.50 Check out

16.00 Documentation

A simple prototype was created based on the workshop for further testing with users.


The day after we documented the key outcomes from the workshop and created a prototype that the Plant Jammer team was able to test with local retailers the following week. The prototype helped the team validate the solution designed in the workshop — and provided new insights into which features should be prioritized within the first version of the app. The Plant Jammer Market Place app is currently being trialed with a major Scandinavian retail chain.

  • Product-definition-workshop creating alignment on product vision, user requirements, product features
  • Prototype for customer validation and feature prioritization

Want to learn more?

Reach out to Toke Stub Barter here at Kirk, Hatch & Bloom

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