Reunion 2020

Original article was published by Irfan Hussain Bhat on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Reunion 2020

Venue:oxford presentation school Anantnag

Friendship is a sheltering tree~ST Coleridge

With the advent of the new season, I rejoice, perhaps everyone does but when we get used to it, we dissolve in monotony. I am the kind of person who ain’t that much socially, some people even call me cold-blooded. I don’t have any history of long term friendship but when it comes to section Green(oxford presentation school), the bias gets eliminated, I get healed from an unknown disease, my aura(energy field) gets exchanged with their aura(conduction) and I rejoice.

My classmates matter a lot to me, I respect them with all my heart and liver.

  • I left my beloved school(oxford presentation school) when I was in grade 9 and that is the only regret of my life, I have spent about 14 years in this school and that’s why my aura is hired. I have never spent such a long time anywhere. whatever we are today. it is because of oxford. I missed my classmates beyond any magnitude as I left them. I don’t know about them, but I adore them very much, it is like a spiritual arena.
  • On 4/10/2020 we had a reunion at our school, only 17 of us participated in it and it was a wonderful day, we all got into nostalgia and smiled at each other in a harmonious state of mind.
  • I felt like my face was covered with morning dew and a soft gentle breeze was flowing and touching my face mellifluously and healing me from aches and pains of separation.