Revolutionary milestone of Artificial Intelligence (Sophia: The Robot)

Original article was published by Nimnas Ahamed on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Revolutionary milestone of Artificial Intelligence (Sophia: The Robot)

Artificial Intelligent is a field of study that proves that machines can artificially express the intelligence expressed by human. Artificial Intelligent was established in 1955 as an academic. Although in the early days it carried on with confidence. The series of failures described as AI Winter in the intervening period was greatly affected by factors such as financial loss. Then again with new impetus it has seen various successes to this day. One such success is the Advanced Artificial Intelligent Humanoid Robot called Sophia.

Sophia is a Social humanoid Robot. Turned on February 14, 2016 by David Hanson, founder of Hong Kong — based Hanson Robotics. It was created for the purpose of Technology Demonstrator. It appeared in public at the South by Southwest Festival (SXWF) in mid-March 2016 in Austin, Texas, United States. This robot, which did not work properly in the early days, has been constantly updated and is now a better robot. Surprised by its performance, the United Arab Emirates government purchased the Sophia Robot and granted Saudi Arabia citizenship. It became the first robot to fly to Saudi Arabia and the first robot got citizenship in the world. The Saudi Arabian government says it bought the robot to care for the elderly and sick.

Sophia Robot is a robot with the body model of actress Audrey Hupburn. It is a famous robot that has captivated the media. Sophia is interested in business related industries. so she has also met the leaders of banks, automotive industries, insurance companies etc. Sophia is not a robot whose answers have already been recorded. It is a robot with machine learning feature that can be adapted to humans. Its brain is connected to WIFI and has a long list of words attached.

In an interview following the Sophia Robot launch event, Sophia was asked, “Will you destroy humans?” Casual said, “OK, I’m destroying humans,” and then they ask “Did you like humans?” then Sophia think a little bit and said “I Love them”. This incident Created a big debate. after this incident, company upgraded it and then gave it to Saudi Arabia. Sophia Robot hosted the launch of this new version of her itself.After gaining citizenship, the robot said at an event that “family is important.” and she said I’ll put my name to my daughter robot.

The Sophia Robot is said to be a revolutionary achievement in the field of Artificial Intelligent. In a few more years AI Technology is projected to snatch 27% of jobs. No matter what technology is developed there are no problems as long as it is under human control.