Roadmap to ML and DL

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This is my learning path to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

The brain sure as hell doesn’t work by somebody programming in rules. -Geoffrey Hinton

The way i just follow is top down method and its hardway to understand but its more efficient that any other .

First we should know the basics whats is ML and whats is DL and its classification I just came through internet and get this image to classify both ML and Dl in Artificial Intelligence

Difference in AI and ML subset of AI

Here we can see that Artificial intelligence is a combination of Ml and Dl And NN

In previous days Arthur Lee Samuel who invented the term Machine Learning and the Checkers -program was the first successful machine learning program

Later many came and get eager in this field the hype word ML came into the world .

So for learning Ml i am suggesting some self paced ML resources which is world class

For learning there is a path i just follow the top down here first i am mentioning from NN →DL →Ml →Maths →Python..sorry to say this may be very awkward but beleive me it works

For Machine learning

1 . Andrew Ng Machine Learning

2 .

3 . Google Machine Learning crash course

4 . Machine Learning tutorial form kaggle

Deep learning resources

1 . MIT Introduction to deep learning

2 .

3 . Deep learning— Coursera(Andrew Ng)


Rather than going for tutorials i mostly used to read blog, because bloggers mostly express their outcomes by writing so yes that’s why i am here to express my outcome here

The highly curated blog like

1 . colah blog

2 . karpathy blog

3. distill

And one blog which i loved most

GITHUB repos

The best Github resources that gives you free code tutorials as well as an idea that how to code.

And also check out my github repo here

Here i mentioned some awesome repos for Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning also some beautifully documented NLP resources

check out forked repos here which are most important and starred repo here which are in construction

I am doing some projects tutorials form what i learn from the resources mentioned above here

Please fork my repo and add , get pull request to make changes


Websites which are useful to learn

Analytics vidhya





YOUTUBE Resources

The best youtube video tutorials that i inspired a lot



sorry to say this the one and only siraj is best for youtube resources you can get most of learnings here

MATH resources

Basic Maths tutorials resources are useful to get an idea sorry to say this i get to do this at last after doing these above steps




So yes tatsol after finishing these tutorials i am doing research in quantum computing for Deeplearning

So i will post my knowledge in my upcoming post