Roaring 2020s-The Artificial Intelligence Decade

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Along with the above lines, we have more to discuss with you about AI. Below, you will find the names of the various industries and the artificial intelligence impact over them in 2020.


Artificial intelligence is potent in offering assistance in the data analysis of X-rays and CT and other health tests plus exams. The path of personal treatment can be created for everyone with the help of patient’s data, clinical research, and various external knowledge sources. It can also provide medical advice to patients on a real-time basis.

However, there are still many AI-based doctors in some countries and offer the appropriate treatment with a database and patient’s medical symptoms. Such types of applications use voice recognition to consult with the patients.

Financial & Banking Industry

Banking and financial industries are continually struggling to eliminate fraud and theft cases. As online transactions are gaining popularity over time, financial cybersecurity becomes a challenge.

Artificial intelligence solutions and its deep learning techniques can sort the issues at an advanced plus all-new level. It can quickly analyze patterns and identify suspicious behaviors.

Retail/ E-tail Management

Artificial intelligence can occupy a special place in the retail / electronic commerce industry. The virtual customer service assistants and chatbots can assist the customers and clear their basic queries without any human interventions.

Such advancements facilitate business to work 24×7 with the utmost efficiency and productivity.

Technology-based companies

How can the tech firms be left in this AI decade? They don’t only create but also take the best advantage though the tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, Google and Apple are already ruling in the market. Due to which many AI or machine learning companies struggle to gain competitive advantage.

On one side, the big players have already created intelligent voice assistants like Microsoft Cortana, Google Home, and Apple Siri. In contrast, chatbot platforms are used in both medium and small businesses. This becomes a bit critical as well as competitive.

All these states only thing, i.e. the fourth industrial revolution where automation, deep learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and machine learning solutions are revolutionizing the industries plus bringing enormous opportunities for the firms.