Roelof Pieters is joining to lead their AI team in Amsterdam

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Roelof Pieters is joining to lead their AI team in Amsterdam has strengthened its AI team with Roelof Pieters, who is one of the leading AI developers in Europe. Pieters most recently held a role as CEO and Co-founder of and he is also the founder of Sunshine Lab. After a Masters in Social Anthropology he became a PhD Candidate in Theoretical Computer Science at KTH in Stockholm, focussing on multi-modal Deep Learning, Generative models, and creative AI. Pieters is also founder of the AI-network Stockholm AI in Sweden.

“We are very happy to welcome Roelof to our team. It’s without a doubt that his experience in Artificial Intelligence is of great value. In addition, Roelof’s passion and motivation to develop AI for good strongly aligns with’s mission“, says Indra den Bakker, CEO & Co-founder of

“I couldn’t be more excited about joining such a talented and passionate team. Indra and Anniek have done a tremendous job taking to what it is today. With the ongoing climate crisis, we need to work towards sustainable, regenerative ecosystems more than ever, and it’s essential to find ways in which Artificial Intelligence can help make this happen“, says Roelof Pieters.

At the moment, has 6 full-time employees of which 5 have a background in AI. The AI algorithms developed by the team extract insights about our planet, from satellite data. Amongst their clients are global enterprises like Stora Enso and Husqvarna and certification body Rainforest Alliance. With a small team, analysed more than 100 million hectares across 56 countries around the globe.

“Our team has a strong track record and we want to evolve our product and methodology further to assess and predict environmental impact in real-time. For this next phase, Roelof will be an important addition to our team. With his experience, Roelof will help us scale our product further and build a world-class AI team”, adds Indra den Bakker.