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Romance ain’t over if the fat fella sings

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With the impact that Brexit is having on our mental health (‘A swell of real despair’, G2, 4 April), is Brexiety now costing the NHS more than £350m a week?
Rob Bray
Ardentinny, Argyll and Bute

That great Irish prophet of Brexit, William Butler Yeats, put it thus: “The best lack all conviction while the worst are all passionate intensity.” That the centre may not hold is the nightmare that Europe must not dismiss.
Ian Osborne
Droitwich, Worcestershire

Shame to omit the original poll tax protester (Stripped: a history of nude protests, G2, 3 April): Lady Godiva.
Jane Caplan

Perhaps James Corden should have tried opera (Larger actors miss out on romantic roles, says James Corden, 2 April). On Saturday we saw a very large Siegmund kissing and cuddling with Sieglinde. But he would need the right voice: I remember the bass-baritone Ian Wallace on Radio 4’s My Music saying ruefully “the tenor always gets the girl”.
Priscilla Bench-Capon
West Kirby, Wirral

Martyn Thomas asks how we could tell if AI had developed consciousness (Letters, 4 April). An Edinburgh University students’ magazine in 1973 answered this question in a two-frame cartoon. In the first frame a boffin presses his robot’s on switch to set it to work. In the second frame the robot presses its off switch.
Allan Dodds

Wednesday 3 April. My favourite day of the week. And Clare is missing from your Society pages! How can you ruin my day like that?
Anne Greig
Crediton, Devon

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