Secretum | Secure Storage on the Enix Blockchain.

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

This is why Secretum was created, an easy to use solution that will randomly encrypt data injected into the blockchain by you, secured by a pass-key which is randomly generated and split across 4 individuals, the individual securing the data would receive part one of the pass-key on-screen, nowhere else, they would also allocate three email addresses representing themselves, or friends/family, who would each receive 1 part of the pass-key themselves via email.

Individually or collectively minus part 1 of the key, the passkey is useless, collectively with all four and a known order, the pass-key can unencrypt a data-transaction when pulled off the blockchain, thus unencrypt the stored data, such as pass-keys or passwords.

Meaning there are 4 links in securing data, and 3 individuals that can be called upon to access data in the event of losing access, locally, in the real world.

This will launch in the very near future, and cost merely 5 Enix to push data into encryption and into the blockchain.