Secure And Private AI Scholarship Challenge in Udacity and me

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

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Figure: Scholarship Badge

A few days back, I have been selected for Secure and Private AI Scholarship challenge of facebook. I am one among the 5000 scholars who have been selected for the course from around 14000 scholars all around the world.

Top 300 scholars of this course will get the chance to study either computer vision or deep learning nanodegree for free. Besides, except that, this challenge offers many opportunities for us. One of the best opportunity is that we get to meet really talented scholars from all over the world and get to learn from the best.

This challenge contains 8 lessons on which it firstly focuses on pytorch and basic deep learning and then gradually it changes its course to private deep learning which is a burning issue in recent affairs.

Private deep learning is a method on which we use deep learning in such a way that no data will be leaked no matter what.

I am really grateful to Udacity and Facebook for giving me this opportunity. #UdacityFacebookScholar