Securing workplaces from Covid-19.

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Securing workplaces from Covid-19.

Countries around the world have started lifting restrictions slowly but with a caution. People should go to work and at the same time prevent themselves from being infected.

The Coronavirus is not going to end so soon and the vaccine is highly unlikely to be available by the end of this year. Economic activity has come to a grinding halt and affected the livelihoods of the people across the world.

While there are tens and millions of people doing work from home already but same is not the case for the essential goods sector comprising of food processing, postal services, logistics, pharmaceuticals, Medical facilities etc. It becomes therefore very important to ensure the people in the essential sector do not get infected.

There are various preventive measures and directives like wearing face mask, social distancing, washing hands regularly etc announced by WHO & Governments across the world. But strictly enforcing it is the need of the hour as there has been reports like these –

To enforce the preventive guidelines and raise an alarm if the guidelines are not followed, we may use an AI powered solution which works with the existing CCTV infrastructure. Companies like based out of Mumbai, India have already developed a solution which can be implemented at workplaces, factories, hospitals, airports, subway etc.

The AI powered system would help in the following ways –

1. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition can help in minimizing the face-to-face encounters at large places and will become the norm for “checking in” large numbers of people, not only at airports and border crossings, but at stadiums, commuting systems, office buildings, government meetings etc.

The system allows the touch-less attendance without using the fingerprint scanner which is de-facto method to take attendance in most of the workplaces.

2. Crowd Management

With the help of CCTVs the AI system can detect and alert the authorities in real time to ensure social distancing measures are followed. Further analytics like crowd management, heat map, people counter etc would help to identify the hotspots and take the action proactively.

3. Face mask detection

Face mask has been the most effective method to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. It becomes more important than ever to ensure it is implemented if more than few people are assembled at a certain place. Realtime face mask detection helps authorities to spot the violators among the group of people at any places like offices, public transit and any secured place of business.

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