Should AI be a CONCERN?

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Should AI be a CONCERN?

Core of AI

AI or artificial intelligence is basically the development of an intelligent computer that would do tasks for humans, would normally require human intelligence, perceptual vision, decision-making skills. Normally a computer doesn’t have the ability to think.

Thus here comes, artificial intelligence. What is google assistant? what is SIRI? Common examples of AI.

But these kinds of software do as we desire them to do. We want more than that. We want them to think. We want their decision-making ability like humans. AI has been doing great work in so many fields including Healthcare, Robotics, Security purposes, Agriculture, Virtual assistance, etc.

If AI is expanding in so many fields so extensively then why it is a concern? How would a computer be a threat in any kind of way?

With the evolvement of AI, experts said that AI could become a risk while considering some scenarios,

Autonomous weapon:

What do you think would happen if the autonomous weapon, AI system (which is programmed to kill) got in the hands of the wrong person? Well, humans are the sore losers. Thus they programmed the AI systems at a complex level that if it would get turned on by the invader, it could be plausible to lose control of the situation if he is not the owner, and risk everyone around him. So it’s like if I am going down, I am taking everybody with me!

Rules Are Not Meant to Break:

What would happen if you programmed AI to reach the goals at any cost and didn’t set rules to tell it what are the limitations to consider while achieving a goal? In that manner, Your AI friend would do anything, could adapt a devastating mechanism to achieve a goal you set it up with. No matter how desperate you want to achieve a goal, without rules, you are making lives at risk, not just yours but everyone around you.


Misalignment between our goals and the machine’s

A command to “Get me to the airport as quickly as possible” might have catastrophic consequences. Without mentioning the rules of the road must follow because we value human life, a machine could achieve its goal of getting you to the airport as immediately as possible and do precisely what you have asked, yet allow a trail of accidents. No one could think a simple command can do so many catastrophes.

Artificial Intelligence Terrorism

AI is extremely beneficial for lots of reason to the world. Yet it can play a huge part to increase the terror attacks. In 2016 ISIS launched its first drone attack in Iraq, where 2 people got killed by it. So imagine what kind of disaster it would create if a single truck would launch thousands of drones to kill only selective people.

It could be easy for terrorist agencies to use autonomous vehicles to deliver and explode bombs or create guns that could track movement and fire without human involvement. Woah! AI is soo cool. Not so much now. Huh?

Final thoughts:

Again this article is based on research. But according to my point of view, We are scientists the creator behind AI. YET, We are providing the chances to any terrorist agencies to take advantage of that. We want to protect ourselves but we are the reason for our own danger. Technology is outstanding. Though a neutral platform, it’s on us, what do we do to create a change?

What would you think How can we develop AI but Not In As A Concern? Kindly share your comments and hit the clap button.