Simple Linear Regression Implementation

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Simple Linear Regression Implementation

In the last article, we saw how to implement simple linear regression from scratch,but that was a long process, right? We can do the same calculation using scikit-learn in just few lines. Exciting!!!

Well what are we waiting for? Let’s dig in!!

Let’s Go!

(1) Import the required libraries :


(2) Read the data file :

Read CSV File

(3) Select useful features from data :

Selected Features

(4) Plot out data on scatter plot :

Plot the Data

(5) Divide data into training and testing data :

Divide Data

(6) Use scikit-learn to find Intercept and Slope :

Constructing Model

(7) Plot the regression line :

Regression Line

(8) Predict the value of co2-emission :

Predicting Values

Here you can see that we get the exact same value as our previous article!

(9) Check model accuracy :

Accuracy of Model