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Launch an IDE and Start Developing your Application

Jupyter Notebook

If AI-lab runs correctly on your machine then Jupyter notebook should run automatically. If this is not the case, launch it from the terminal with this command

jupyter notebook --allow-root --port=8888 --ip= --no-browser
jupyter notebook

VS Code

VS Code is an IDE that offers the possibility to develop from inside docker container (thus, inside AI-lab), through the extension Remote Development. More details here.

I have added two configuration folders .devcontainer and .vscode to the folder AI-LAB_in_vscode. They are necessary to be able to use VS Code with AI-lab. These two folders are hidden and must live in the directory of your application so that VS Code automatically detects the AI-lab configuration. Therefore, you need to copy them inside your application folder.

To get these folders, first, clone this repository and move to it

git clone cd /AI-lab

Copy the two folders to your application folder, for instance /path_to_folder_application

sudo cp -R AI-lab/AI-LAB_in_vscode/.* /path_to_folder_application

Finally, move to your application folder

cd /path_to_folder_application

and launch VS Code

code .