Singularity appoints Vasco Cova as Cross Units Sales Director

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Singularity appoints Vasco Cova as Cross Units Sales Director

Vasco Cova is the new Singularity Digital Enterprise Cross Units Sales Director

Singularity Digital Enterprise appoints Vasco Cova as the Cross Units Sales Director, starting June 15th.

Vasco joined Singularity two years ago to develop the Smart Sourcing Unit. Since then, he achieved relevant results, including strengthening Singularity’s footprint in key customers.

In his new role, Vasco will expand his sales efforts in Singularity’s “Projects & Services” and “Products” units, while also maintaining his attention on the “Smart Sourcing” business unit.

Vasco has more than 25 years in leadership, sales and entrepreneurship roles, both national and international, in a broad range of business segments. This unique experience gives him a clear view on how data analytics can benefit Singularity’s customers and what our company’s role is in this journey.

About Singularity Digital Enterprise: We extract business value from data, through complex algorithms and present it with beautiful visualizations.

All the best Vasco!