Six Key Concepts of Content AI

While certainly not a new topic, artificial intelligence inches closer and closer toward wide-reaching realization and adoption in everyday life. No longer do we visualize a robot sitting in a lab. It’s in our homes, interacting with on our computers and learning more and more about our behaviors behind the scenes.

For marketers, leveraging the power of content AI is something best done sooner rather than later. After all, why dedicate endless hours on behalf of your team guessing the wants of your customers, when ever-learning algorithms can do the work for you? Content AI has the ability to solve any number of challenges for brands trying to speak to fleeting attention spans.

Before putting content AI to work for your organization, though, take a step toward understanding the basics. With the following terminology as your foundation, you can begin to develop a method for applying the technology across distribution channels.

Artifical Intelligence

In contrast to intelligence that occurs naturally in humans and animals, AI is an intelligence that is produced and demonstrated by machines.

Content AI

Content AI is a concept by which marketers use artificial intelligence, and its ability to capture and leverage customer data, to produce audience-relevant content. In doing so, teams can increase production and further drive customer loyalty.

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence aims to deliver experiences based on the unique qualities and actions of individuals. These experiences are built from observing customer behavior in order to develop a customer profile of preferences and deliver content across the web, email, mobile, etc.

Machine Learning

One of the positive benefits of content AI is that it’s constantly learning and evolving. This is due to machine learning, which makes predictions based on data to better the algorithms upon which artificial intelligence operates.

Neural Network

As a means of machine learning, neural networks function in a similar fashion to that of the human brain. An interconnected system of processing nodes works together to analyze data and determine patterns.

Deep Learning

Deep learning attempts to mimic the area of the human brain where thinking occurs. It provides a way to train neural networks to solve problems they might not naturally be programmed to solve.

Working together, these concepts have far-reaching applications across your team’s content marketing efforts. From chatbots to newsfeed algorithms, content creation to curation, content AI aims to improve upon connections brands form with potential customers. In doing so, not only is the time of your team spent more productively, it’s spent more effectively in terms of delivering actionable results.

Interested in learning more about how you can further integrate artificial intelligence into the workings of your content marketing strategy? It may be as simple as equipping yourself with the right suite of AI-driven tools. Contact PowerPost today for a free demo of our content platform!

Source: Deep Learning on Medium