SKY ENGINE to demonstrate the power of the first self-learning AI platform at NVIDIA’s GTC…

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Silicon Valley, 17–23 March, Sky Engine is showing off the latest advances in self-learning AI at NVIDIA’s annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, US. The company will demonstrate the Sky Engine platform, the latest ground-breaking AI-based deep learning solution that uses self-learning to train computer vision systems. The latest developments in data science technology and real time adaptive AI training will also be on show. Attendees are welcome to visit Sky Engine at NVIDIA’s GTC workshops, and demonstrations can be booked now at:

Sky Engine is the very first toolset to use self-learning for AI

By combining self-generated imaging and machine learning into the same platform, Sky Engine can be used to rapidly develop computer vision prototypes across a range of applications such as visible light, X-rays, CT, PET, phase-contrast, infrared light, and multi- and hyperspectral. These solutions are used in areas as diverse as disease recognition from med- ical images in healthcare, to organ segmentation for radiation oncology planning to processing video footage for sports analytics like football. Furthermore, Sky Engine provides ultra-efficient methods for defect identification in manufacturing or supporting food safety in agriculture.

Sky Engine is revolutionising the way AI training for computer vision is done. The platform provides an enormous gain in efficiency to those AI oriented businesses that are disrupting industries like healthcare, sports, manufacturing and agriculture.

Sky Engine combines a ray-tracing image renderer that is directly integrated with the AI framework and designed to render images for training machine vision AI in virtual environments. Sky Engine generates training data using virtual computer generated imagery (CGI) scenes. By changing parameters like camera position, object size and location, material properties and lighting in the CGI scene, Sky Engine can generate a massive number of labelled images for AI vision training.

About Sky Engine

Sky Engine is a data science technology company that develops innovative software solutions to improve computer vision. The company markets the Sky Engine deep learning platform, which is the next-generation of self-learning AI system for image recognition applications. The company was founded as a research and scientific spin-off in UK.

About Sky Engine Platform

The Sky Engine deep learning platform is designed to overcome the complex object recognition challenges of modern machine vision. It represents the future of self-learning in artificial intelligence technology, supporting efficient and cost effective workflows. Many image recognition tasks require large amounts of manual data labelling and Sky Engine is designed to replace that. Sky Engine efficiently drives self-learning processes and offers advanced features for object discrimination, workflow automation and adaptive deep learning. Sky Engine is designed for tomorrow’s requirements in advanced analytics and decision support enabling AI business transformation.

About Sky Engine client solutions

Sky Engine creates flexible and innovative AI vision solutions tailored to customer needs and supports a wide range of industries, providing systems for a variety of data science needs, ensuring business partners get greater value from existing equipment.

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Sky Engine to showcase its self-learning AI platform at Nvidia GTC 2019