Smart Activity Mat for the family!?

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The Solution

Relevant industries, current solution, blah blah

You have regular gyms, small home exercise equipment and newcomers like Peloton and Tonal.

We are like Peloton and Tonal but more accessible in terms of prices points and available exercises.

The fitness industry is a 100 billions dollars global industry and we believe that there is a place for an entry level financially accessible home gym like ours that takes advantage of the fact that almost every human on the planet has access to a smartphone or a tablet.

What is it exactly

Smart activity mat for adults and young children combined with heat activated Photochromic colors. The colors get activated around the normal human body temperature to show where the users were touching the mat last.

n the above images we can see the phone holder and connector to the touch mat which could have multiple covers like a yoga cover, alphabet cover, piano cover, etc…
The phone processes all the touch events and plays feedback sounds accordingly, it also tracks your activity via the mat and its front camera using various deep learning models that run locally on the device. It keeps a record and sends you recommendations based on your usages and progress. I can play related videos/music as well obviously.

Our system consists of 3 main components:

  1. Smartphone or a tablet: that will be the brain and speaker of the whole system
  2. Active Mat for Family: encourages you to be active and do safe exercises correctly.
  3. Mat covers: various covers for different activities for adults and children.
  • Yoga cover
  • Fitness cover
  • Dancing cover
  • Piano cover
  • Alphabet cover
  • Crawler covert

Potenional activities for adults include:

  • Individual and partners dancing lessons
  • Follow along fitness lessons
  • Yoga tracking
  • Avoid short and long term fitness related injuries due to incorrect practices
  • Digital gaming including using the phone front camera and deep learning model to track the user pose

Potenional activities for babies and crawlers:

  • Play encouraging music when they move. It can be smarter than most mats given that it has access to a very powerful processor (the phone processor).
  • It can grow with them
  • Convert to a piano mat with a simple cover
From some amazon listing
From some amazon listing

Our vision is to have a smart activity mat in every home for the whole family. And ultimately to increase our users happiness and life satisfaction.

One of the key risks that we need to prove early on is that we can extend the touch area of most smartphones and tablets available in the market. If that does not work or prove to be expensive to achieve then we might have to include a mid-size screen with our mat or scrub the idea.
Once that is achieved or proved feasible, next would be working on the various activities our users can use our products for. The various mat covers, music, exercise, deep learning models, etc…

During the product development process we need to identify and include our potential users in the process, do user testing to minimize the risk of building something that nobody wants.

One of our KPIs would recurrent usage, buying app contents like dancing lessons and new covers. Measuring customer loyalty with a score like NPS would be great to measure customers satisfaction.

In terms of product launch, legacy techniques should work. Techniques like setting up a kiosk at malls for potential customers to try our product before making the buy decision and spreading the word. Short free home trials is another approach we could try. Social media influencers can help us reach a certain demographic.
There are many things that we can and should try to measure their impact against each other before reaching a decision about the most effective ways to introduce our potential users to our products.