Social distancing detection for COVID-19

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Social distancing detection for COVID-19

Monitor and enforce social distancing with automated alerts.

The Coronavirus shutdown is a sledgehammer — warranted absent other tools to control infection rates. Social distancing is the best way to tackle the spread of the virus, and some people could return to work if we could be certain of compliance with the health-safety best practices. Knowing the rates of unsafe social distancing can help us choose our crisis responses over time. Camio social distancing detection automatically measure rates now — especially during this crisis period of severe logistical constraints — by using existing security cameras to produce social distancing data that is:

  1. immediate, because there is no new equipment to purchase, deliver, install, and service;
  2. inexpensive, since computation in the cloud scales up or down to meet the sampling rate needed to deliver the statistical confidence required at the moment; and
  3. auditable, so that aggregate numbers can be inspected ad hoc anytime to inspire confidence in our compliance with public health guidance.

For the safety of people working at critical warehouses, fulfillment centers, healthcare facilities, and manufacturers, and for businesses seeking safe ways to be exempt from closure, Camio automatically detects, alerts, and reports social distancing data derived from security cameras.

How to start today

The COVID-19-induced supply chain problems show no immediate signs of improving, so the fastest path is to connect cameras with any computer available (even a spare laptop).

  1. Download the free Camio Box VM on any spare computer:
  2. Connect the desired cameras by toggling them ON in any web browser.
  3. Create the 3D grid by clicking four points of a rectangle on the floor plan within view of each camera. Learn more.
  4. Create the zone that triggers social distancing detection. Learn more.
  5. Pin the query “impinging” to receive real-time alerts whenever people are within unsafe proximity to each other. Learn more.

There’s more information and support at: