Social Distancing Is To AI Nearing

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Social Distancing Is To AI Nearing

Things are at a click away.

Though the ever-evolving technology has laced us with the materialistic side of happiness, it still has not yet been able to discard the innate need to love and to be reciprocated. This may be the passion which is speaking, but if we look beyond, we find ourselves indulgent of the sensuality of emotional love; the happiness of which surpasses that of any materialistic love.

But is technology to be blamed for having given us the freedom to grow apart? On the contrary, this may be a boon for not having to deal with real people’s real emotions. Because having to deal with people is to deal with their emotions and to understand them to make it work, henceforth requiring a full-time effort.

Well, if given access to our digital footprint, a highly compatible Artificial Intelligence (AI) providing the girlfriend/boyfriend experience can be simulated which can serve the emotional intimacy at par the human relationships. And being a machine, though intelligent, there is assumed to be hardly a heartache. Thenceforth, an epitome of emotional sensuality sans the complaining is the gift an AI can confer.

What on earth, can be more captivating where a puppet is satisfying all your emotional needs with no responsibility of you to keep it happy? Awesome isn’t it? But having been fed with colossal of data, the AI evolves and can adapt at a rate that is difficult even for the data analyst to apprehend for. It is thus probable for the AI to even imbibe emotions howsoever inorganic it is.

But is this enough? Is this what our love is evolving into; an emotional relationship with an AI? Is it because love is luck-friendly and the real relationships are too tiring to opt for a virtual bliss?

The inspiration is from Her, a 2013 Spike Jonze movie, which is about an emotionally intimate relationship with an AI. No one could have done justice to the role of Theodore as Jaoquin Pheonix. In spite when being happy, a profound melancholy can be seen in his smile which can be empathised with. The cream on the cake is the sensual voice of Scarlett Jhonson, which is not sexual but delightfully comforting to keep you indulgent. And last but not least is the soulful optimistic cinematography that technology ridden society needn’t be all cold and detaching.