Some thoughts about the future: Artificial Intelligence

Original article was published by Ali Eskandari on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Some thoughts about the future: Artificial Intelligence

You find yourself scrolling hours and hours in the IG feeds and you wonder “what just happened?”

Artificial intelligence can build hooks/habits and show what we like to see, read, and hear.

In the business world, AI helps us to make better decisions, track productivity, and even fire people.

From Google Assistant to your medium feed, you are already using AI every single day.

What we today know as AI, is pretty basic.

The future of AI can cause of next leap in human evolution.

AI: A threat or a blessing???

Many people believe AI is one of the biggest threats in the world.

I believe AI is not a threat is a blessing for us.

The human as we know so far will be distinguished in the future. 100%.

With AI or not.

We will be turned into something else. AI is just accelerating that process.

Human + AI

In the near future, all the people will be augmented with AI software and hardware.

It can be on your hand, it can attach to your brain or it can replace your eyes.

You can download things right in your mind and there are no needs for universities or schools.

Just search it and download it directly to your brain.
You learn that thing.

AI will help us memorize better. The interesting thing everyone can speak in their native languages and communicate easily with each other.

In the future, there is no space for “learning languages”, “schools and universities”.

Think that is the ultimate future of AI? That’s just the first step of the AI revolution.


The important question is what will happen in the distant future? 10,000 years from now?

1 million or 1 billion years from now?

Let’s start the imagination engine.

Certainly, there is no future for human civilization.

Future people will show our bodies in the museum. They will remember us as “humans”.

Let’s call them “Humai”.

They are a 3D — or 4D who knows! — printed AI-based robots that operate in a network — future communities.

They are constantly exploring the space, transferring data, learning, and expanding the network.

The thing that drives these big networks is artificial human brains.

Our superpower is imagination and creativity. We are using it right now to imagine the future.

We use our creativity to shape the network. Thanks to AI we will discover more, we will explore more and we will go further!