Starting my “Deep” Learning: Day 1

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Starting my “Deep” Learning: Day 1

It has been a year since I have planned, read, and prepared for shifting my career. From a mortgage officer, the selected industry and expertise that I wanted to learn and soon become an expert is deep learning.

According to this article, deep learning is a subfield of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain called artificial neural networks.

How did I find this interesting? Well, my love for discoveries, trivial findings, and probing relevance from noises in this information abundant age took me to this specialization.

It is really overwhelming to see the prerequisites and knowledge I must acquire to reach the “employable” state. To be honest, there are times that the quantity of available guides, resources, tutorials, and designed paths daunts me. But I find that what stresses me the most is when I think how difficult it is to be a data scientist specializing in deep learning.

One of the most difficult point of this journey is actually the start point. From the past weeks, I have read some AMA and ELI5 posts where I found the biggest topics I must have a handful of knowledge to actually start this path:

  • Programming (Python, and R — which is optional at this point)
  • Math (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics)
  • Visualization (Tableau, etc)

Along the journey, I will be reading articles about the subject/s where I might find some better or more resources.

I created this blog as an additional tool to reinforce all that I will learn. I cannot source the article anymore but I have read that in order to effectively plant a new information, one of the techniques is explaining the topic. Blogging is my chosen platform since there is an audience here where comments and feedback will be taken as a constructive criticism. And yes, it improves a lot of things as well: writing skills, english proficiency in writing, and story telling.

I’m spearheading the journey by creating this blog post, and I am starting with attaining python programming skill. I have selected this guide to introduce myself in the language. I previously wanted to finish path but a friend of mine (which is working as an AI expert) just told me it is fine but it might take me far from what I wanted to do. So there it is, I’ll start with python.

All I hope for now is consistency, never fading motivation, and fun journey in this path that I have chosen. I welcome informative guides, resources, and everything helpful. Cliche as it is, but quoting “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” is actually the mentality I’ll be patching up on my ruts. I wish myself the best.