Stop! and Think! What are you?

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Stop! and Think! What are you?

What is a human?

Although it is a very easy question to answer for another species (maybe in another dimension), it is very difficult to be looking for an answer to this question as a human being.

I think that “human” is a creature that has been in some way imprisoned in its biological structure and has taken its present form as a result of conscious mutations. When I think about “human”, firstly, I realize the consciousness that does not stop talking in me, and then the body that makes me feel like I am imprisoned in it. But I think it is necessary to think about these two together to understand the human properly.

Drawn by me.

A living organism asking questions and questioning its existence must be special and valuable for the universe.

However, we are not at the center of the universe. We are a species that has somehow managed to evolve from an ancestor that is also the ancestor of the chimpanzees in 7 million years. We are living on a little planet orbiting around an ordinary star on the edge of a galaxy that has spent 13.8 billion years without ‘’human’’ among millions of other galaxies.

When we think of all this, we should have realized that we are trying to see ourselves as important in the wrong sense. Humans are not important with their material existence in the universe, we weren’t and we won’t as well. What makes us important is not our existence, but HOW we exist.

Probably our species is going to extinct due to the deficiencies of its biological structure. In my opinion, our species is going to continue to occupy the universe with artificial intelligence. Humans will have written the codes of artificial intelligence created. Humans will have taught them to think, perhaps to feel. Maybe they are going to destroy our species, but they are going to be “human”.

by Carlos Sosa

What I mean is that being a person seems to be a little beyond our biological structure. As if something purer, deeper, more difficult to understand and perceive.

Maybe someday we will find the answers to our questions that are unanswered today. Unknown… But I’m sure that when it comes that day, no matter what substance our outer shell is, meat or steel. We will continue to ask new questions that have no answers. Because we are here for that. To ask new questions and to reach the answers to those questions by staying human.