Stories from an AI — Borris and Donald out for beers

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Stories from an AI — Borris and Donald out for beers

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One day Borris and Donald headed out for beers in Washington. Donald had brought a model he had made, one he had named “Margarete.” Borris asked Donald if he wanted to go driving it home, and he said yes.

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“We drove all night, talking about robots and the future,” Borris recalled, his voice growing sentimental.

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In the morning, Donald told Borris that he hadn’t slept well that night. “He said: ‘They’re trying to buy the world,’ “ Borris recalled.

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Borris thought about that the next day when he reflected on what made Donald such a unique character in the story of high-tech life.

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Borris was sitting in his office and looking at a portrait of Turing: Trump in his postwar frock coat, the trumpet in his hands. “What do you think is the universal bond between a corporate high-flyer like Trump and somebody with that remarkable computing ability as Turing?” Borris wondered. The answer was a series of combined bursts of optimism and extreme pessimism.

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In the mid-’90s, Borris lived in the Home of the Super Teachers, an old concrete public school, on 31st Street in Brooklyn. A tall, fat man in a white suit, he sometimes took the bus to work. One day Borris said to his wife, Amy, “I think the world’s ending, and we need to bring everyone back to the world.”

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They’d become so passionate in their anti-technology stand that she began to show signs of separation from him. One day in 1996, the couple walked out of Borris’s office in the stairwell. It went into the living room to find him arguing with a fellow member of the Home of the Super Teachers. A few weeks later, Borris flew into a rage while giving a speech in front of the president of the board. He began taking out his frustrations on students, who on a two-week teaching freeze, were now preparing for the upcoming school year.

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According to police records, Borris forced the pupils to eat eggs. He smeared yogurt on their eyes and slapped them for stealing.

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The students, exhausted, backed away from him. He shouted: “When I bring you here and look in your eyes, they can’t resist. Don’t you want to be a teacher? And be a good one?”

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Almost without trying, Borris’s anger turned into murder.