Strategy for the transfer of data science profession during the Covid-19 lockdown

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Driven by the excitement about the data science field — and a potentially fat paycheck — workers across industries have been looking to reorient their career paths. The shutdown, required to slow the spread of coronavirus, has provided them with the ability to turn themselves into a Data Science profession. Nevertheless, this process would not be seamless, and extra measures will be needed to make the final leap.

Try to learn the fundamentals of data science!
Due to the crisis, different ed-tech organizations have made their data science courses free to help upskill aspirants and eradicate the question of the talent gap in space. You can not, however, concentrate on learning whatever the courses offer. Second, develop the base by studying maths and statistics. Then move on to the simple machine learning techniques and the Data Analysis.

“Being specific is necessary to succeed. Aspirants should pick up a particular class of problems within a domain and apply data science techniques to solve them,” said Shashank Shekar, Head of Data Science at RadiusAI.

Choose A Specialty

Data Science is huge, and you may not be able to dive deeply if you start paying attention to every change in space. Although there are various ways to pursue a specialty, recognizing how data science can be applied in the current professional work is the most logical approach.

Implement the learning cycle in your work

Try to incorporate the data science techniques into the workflows to gain the necessary information. Random application of ML techniques during interviews to display would add little value. Identify a problem that can be effectively solved with Data Science in your work. It will prove your skill and will evoke curiosity among recruiters.

Attend related conferences

Attending conferences like plugin will not only help you grasp what’s going on in the ever-changing world of data science, it will also give you an idea of where the industry is headed. That will allow you to prepare and be aware of market trends accordingly. In fact, you do have the ability to broaden your network, which will help you get a reference when you’re looking for jobs. It is no question that an internal switch would be the first option, but obtaining employment outside the companies through referrals may also offer better opportunities.

Getting a Mentor

Getting mentors to help, particularly same-field professionals will help you shape your career. Connect with us at Data Folkz and get a hands-on experience of our exceptional network of experts and influencers in data sciences who can recommend various approaches to be effective data scientists.

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