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As many of you know, STRATZ is self-funded and self-hosted. It’s what empowers us to exclusively download and parse every DOTA 2 match played in the world in real time. This week, we got a major upgrade. Our servers have just gone live in a brand new $60,000,000 data center in California.

STRATZ in the flesh

For those already relying on the STRATZ API to power your DOTA 2 analytics, you can rest assured you’ve planted your foundation in fertile ground. For those who have yet to make the move, don’t worry — we’ve got space. Not only do we now command unprecedented room for growth, but you can be sure that the power won’t be going out around here anytime soon.

2 x 2.75 MW Cummins generators stand behind STRATZ

For the Blizzard fans out there with some Starcraft training under their belt, you can think of these two generators as our new High Templars. In the unlikely event that our Psionic Storms run dry, we can always simply merge into an Archon.

⚡️Power Overwhelming ⚡️

With great power comes great responsibility. And with new servers comes server downtime. But fear not — our downtime was short, and is now complete. Our reboot went smoothly, and your data is secure.

By the end of this coming week, we expect our new systems to be fully operational. While everything is already stable, we’re still stretching our legs a bit. Because of this, while we have some awesome new swag to load into your profile, we’re playing it safe and holding off our push to production until everything is fully tested and ready to go.

For those of you who can’t resist, we’ve got the goods ready for you. And this week, the goods come in the shape of a sneak peek look into the power of STRATZ+, live on your personal profile!

All your recent drafts, graded by STRATZ+

Introducing your brand new Drafts table — powered by STRATZ+, our A.I. powered drafting assistant currently finishing its beta run. This is the 6th new personal match history table that we’ve released in the past few weeks, continuing our determination to find new ways to give you insight into your decision making and performance.

…Speaking of our A.I., the STRATZ neural networks have been performing at an all-time high. With 👷 Ben The Builder (our new deep learning aficionado) at the helm, we’ve just sustained our highest global post-draft match prediction accuracy ever — over 66%! This means that in 2 out of 3 matches, our systems are able to predict the match outcome before the horn blows. And with the new resources we’ve fired up this week, things are looking up.

…And back to the new draft table! Your new draft table highlights the rating of your hero selection, from S to F, based on the draft state at the time of your pick, just like in STRATZ+. This rating reflects the effect your hero selection has made on your team’s statistical win probability.

In addition, it shows the grade of every other hero selection made by other players in your matches, along with your team’s overall post-draft win chance. Finally, it shows a graph of both your STRATZ+ generated predicted win chance based on the draft outcome, along with the resulting win chance based upon the collective player performances during the match.

We’ve got some more tricks up our sleeve on this one, so stay tuned for an exciting new addition to this table, coming very soon. For now, you can enjoy reflecting on your best (and worst) drafting decisions by logging in at Once the paint dries on our shiny new hardware, we’ll get these additions live to everyone on

For the rest of February, our attention will be on STRATZ+, with our hearts set on getting it out of beta immediately thereafter. Fantôme has been power-washing the interface this week, and we’ll be working to get as much of his handy work onto your screen as soon as possible.