SXSW | Post Modem short film inspired by Ray Kurzweil

This short art film Post Modem by film-maker Jillian Mayer was featured at the South by Southwest * conference & film festival.

about • from the creators | Post Modem is a comedic, satirical, science fiction, pop musical based on the theories of Ray Kurzweil and other futurists. It’s the story of two Miami, Florida girls and how they deal with the technological singularity, as told through a series of cinematic tweets.

Jillian Mayer is a visual performance artist and film-maker. Her video works and performances have been displayed at galleries and museums internationally — plus film festivals such as SXSW and Sundance. She was recently featured in Art Papers and in Art News discussing identity, internet and her artistic practices and influences.

note • from Jillian Mayer | Hello, my name is Jillian Mayer and my work generally crosses between film, installation, performance and web. My work plays in the digital realm while incorporating interactive and technological elements to create a non-linear meta-narrative.

My exhibitions feature sculpture, installation, websites, automated toll-free phone messaging services, and performance that satirically explores the concept of a technological singularity, the theoretical moment in time when the boundary between human and machine no longer exists.

I  use comedy to inspire introspection about technology’s place as a surrogate for spirituality in our lives. Beyond spirituality, technology becoming much more than just a tool — regardless of whether predictions of futurists like Ray Kurzweil come to fruition. I explore the ramifications of this impending change, from sociological to parodic to sublime.

director: Jillian Mayer, Lucas Leyva
executive producer: Dennis Scholl

* SXSW is South by Southwest

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