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Can artificial intelligence (AI) provide useful advice to students for their further academic careers? How can universities introduce AI-based support systems that are easily accepted and that support students’ diversity? The FAU research project ‘Individually recommended? – How AI-based advisory systems affect student diversity’ (ADVICE) is hoping to find some answers to these questions. The project is being funded with around 145,000 euros from the Volkswagen Foundation as part of the programme called ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future’.

When they hear the term ‘artificial intelligence’, most people first think of the technology behind autonomous driving or intelligent robots. ‘We would like to use AI in a completely different area to offer students advice tailored to their needs,’ says Prof. Dr. Karl Wilbers at the Chair of Business Education and Human Resources Development. ‘Our research project focuses on the effects of this on students and their diversity, whether artificial intelligence is accepted in this area and which consequences this has for society.’

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