Take the Headache Out of Finding Files: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Original article was published by bundleIQ on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Example Two

Pretend you’re one of seven creatives working on an advertising campaign. The campaign includes a microsite, digital banners, and a 30-second video. As you can imagine, there will be a lot of design assets created for this campaign.

In this case, directories are a great way to manage the assets.

Instead of creating a Dropbox folder with the campaign’s name and subfolders for each of the corresponding deliverables, create a bundle in bundleIQ called Design. Then make a note linking to those files in the cloud.

It can be one or several notes, as long as the copy is contextually relevant, like “lower-thirds for the 30-second video, or microsite homepage photoshop file.” By doing this, anyone on the team can easily search through the bundle using contextually relevant keywords and find precisely what they’re looking for without the brain damage of digging through a million subfolders and random file names.

The Hub in the Wheel

All of this energy brings me to one area of focus, your repository, as the hub. When you and your team don’t have to try so hard because the information is available when needed most, that’s a good day. May knowledge be your guide!

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