Takeaways from the World’s largest Kaggle Grandmaster Panel

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Takeaways from the World’s largest Kaggle Grandmaster Panel

Notes and learnings from the GrandMaster Panel at H2OWorld

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Note: This post first appeared on the H2O.ai blog

Personally, I’m a firm believer and fan of Kaggle and definitely look at it as the home of Data Science. Kaggle Grandmasters are the heroes of Kaggle or definitely mine. I’ve been on a pursuit to depict and understand their journey into the field also if they’re still humans or have passed onto an alternate reality (not still sure about that one).

H2O World event recently had the biggest Kaggle Grandmaster Panel. This post will share my takeaways from the panel discussions along with a few notes from my previous interviews. Fun fact: I’ve interviewed all of the grandmasters on the panel that wear spectacles 😎

Note to the reader, most of the notes include comments from the Grandmasters with added context for readability.

The questions were asked by Arno Candel, the same are represented here as headings.

Meet the Grandmasters

The panel consisted of 10/13 of H2O’s Grandmasters.

So, you thought cool ML Engineers work with models?
I get to talk to Kaggle GMs every day at work 😛.

Sorry, I had to say that (I still pinch myself every day), back to the GMs:

An “Avengers Assemble” Moment from the video, where every GM introduced themself and their strengths:

  • Kim Montgomery (Feature Engineering)
  • Rohan Rao (Single Best Model Contrary to common practise on Kaggle)
  • Shivam Bansal (Creating Data Stories and End to End Solutions)
  • Dmitry Larko (Dmitry is one of the pioneers of Driverless AI)
  • Pavel Pleskov (Computer Vision and Time Series)
  • Yauhen Babakhin (Computer Vision)
  • Mark Landry (aka “OG Data Scientist” at H2O. For the record, these aren’t my words 😁)
  • Sudalai Raj Kumar (aka SRK) (NLP, EDA Storytelling)
  • Olivier Grellier (Time Series, Feature Engineering)
  • Branden Murray (Feature Engineering)