Technical Learning Outcome — Day 8 to Day 22

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Week 2 at Linux World and as hoped it is bringing out the best in me.

These two weeks have been a roller coaster ride. Done so much in these 14 days. Started from Machine Learning in the first week to Deep learning in the second. I have been saying this is a research based internship and just to prove it we have begun learning how to create our own cloud and this is just the beginning. A lot of research is being done on dockers too, I spent hours on finding a solution of how to connect two dockers on different machines and am still working on it. Won’t give up.

We are slowly moving towards DevOps, started with the basics of Ansible and I am already hooked on it. It has just been 2 days with Ansible but I can’t wait to learn and research more about it. We had been given a task to start web service in dockers using Ansible, I had tried it for hours and couldn’t find a solution. I had almost given up. But today morning, some guy from the class asked some doubt regarding Ansible and while I was researching to provide a credible answer to him, T found my answer in that document. In seconds I found out how to configure a web service in dockers using Ansible. The statement “You learn better when you teach others” was hence proved.

One of the main focus of this internship is the final project. Working in teams to develop a product that will help a large section of society in one or the other way is the main aim. All the students in this program have been divided into teams of five. Five people who have never met each other are supposed to work on a product from scratch. This obviously has its own difficulties, but that is what we are learning, to work in teams. As a team we have to come up with an idea and build it up as a working product. From brain storming sessions to fieldwork we have been doing it all. We have selected an idea that will help a lot of people and have started working on it. The very first crucial step is the fieldwork, is the product actually needed by the masses? If built will it be used? Is it feasible economically and practically? This all can be answered thorough field work and we are at it. Two days and we have talked to lot of our target audience, noted their feedback and are planning according on how to move with the project. Hoping for the best to come out of it.

But the main event of these 2 weeks was the RHCSA examination. We had our RHCSA examination, the first ones to give the examination on RHEL8. The vibe in the classroom while we were preparing and getting trained for this examination was something very new and exciting. Multiple mocks were taken, boot camp was held. Vimal Sir helped us all the way. My friends all said, never give an exam on the first day in the first slot, and I was the one of the students who had to give the exam on the first day first slot. Was too scared but confident and attempted the test.

I didn’t only clear the examination and got certified as a RedHat Certified System Administrator but secured 100% too. One of the first ones to appear an RHCSA on RHEL8 with 100% marks.

4 more weeks to go and the hopes are just building up.