Technologies Are Transforming Workplaces

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Technologies Are Transforming Workplaces

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Workplaces are always upgrading from time to time. With the involvement of technology, it has become more exciting and productive. Not only is it just transforming the way we work but it is also improving the relationship between co-workers and consumers too.

This upgrade that has come along with technology also helps business leaders in their own ways. It is easy for them to collaborate, architect, design, and share their visions and ideas.

No matter how bad its first impression was on the employees but it has changed so much. Now employees embrace the technology as their companion at the workplace. Let’s look at technologies that are transforming our workplaces.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

This piece of technology is making it possible to reduce human effort while increasing productivity. One major role that AI plays in workplaces is in the analytic department. It’s seamless response working capability makes achieving the result a lot easier.

As the saying goes ‘What can be measured can be improved’, and it justifies AI perfectly. AI takes effective measurements to accomplish and improvise the result. Data scientists no longer have to be stranded with complex data anymore.

AI will help by making the data simple to compile and read. Data scientists now can use that data to make our industrial process better and effective.


The technology was introduced to workplaces the first time in the late 1800s as the time clock. This was not viewed as a positive change as management can now discipline their employees based on time. Employees can not come late or leave early as management can take account of employees in and out time.

Then mechanical punching was introduced and cheating time became harder for employees but employees found their way to cheat it with ‘buddy punching’. After a decade Biometrics got introduced and now one has to punch with his/her fingerprint.

It has reduced the load for management to track employees’ timings. Now it is all done by the machine. Now management can utilize that time and energy into improving the workplace. Making new strategies for the business and for their employees.

AI-Powered Chatbots:

These chatbots are now taking over now most part of the customer service. Today, whenever we try to connect with customer service, we have to chat with these bots first. As time goes by these chatbots are becoming capable of resolving our queries. With some set of questions and feeds from its machine learning, these bots are reducing the human effort required.

From guidance to resolving technical issues, chatbots are reducing the time and energy required by a human agent.

Secure Communication System:

Communication is the one necessary thing in any organization for a smooth workflow. It is crucial as teams need to share information, stats, and ideas to achieve their goals. This makes work more productive and efficient.

Back in 2017, Marketing Chart published a survey. This survey was conducted among CIOs and employees. They analyzed the best and most effective form of communication among them.

Internal messaging and emails are proved to be the second and third most preferred way of communication by both. This is the reason the workplace is now integrating their workplace with instant messaging platforms or suits to make information sharing easy.

Cyber Security:

Before discussing this, let me show you some numbers.

“Yearly, cyber-attacks cost $400 billion to companies.” — Fortune Magazine

“On average, in the USA, cyber-attacks cost $15.4 million to a company, a 19% increase from last year.” — HP

“62% of cyber-attack victims are small-medium size businesses.”- Cyber Insurance’s Enterprise Lead Timothy Francis

Now you can see how important cyber-security is. An organization needs to embrace the value of technology and make it part of it. It will help them to be more secure towards these crimes and help create a safe workplace for all.

Management should train their employees with all the tactics effectively against cyber attacks. This knowledge can save a lot of money and work for an organization. Use secure messaging platforms for data and information sharing is also one of these necessary tactics.


Most of the people know about blockchain just because of cryptocurrencies. But this was not the only way to serve industries. Usually, people think of it as good technology for the finance industry but it has some other applications too.

Blockchain is one secure network that works on the shared information of ledger that can’t be altered. It also eliminates the hassle of a lot of paperwork. As per Gartner, it is an estimation that blockchain will cover $3.1 trillion worth of market by 2030.

Last Words:

Technology is evolving day by day. No wonder this list will be changed in a year or two. Something new will always come and replace these. We must make sure that the technology we are using puts its best efforts in making the workplace wholesome and productive.

Integrate it, embrace it, and strategize it in a way to turn its every event a part of the organization’s success. Discuss your thoughts in the comment section below.