Technology is Turning Human Beings into Useless Idiots

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Technology is Sending us Backwards

Scientists are more interested in publishing papers to look smart among their peers; nobody is interested in producing results. Physicists don’t want to attempt to develop a teleportation machine, they only wish to speculate and criticize each other’s formulas. In other words, they’re lazy and lack drive. Inventors in past did dangerous trials knowing that in order to achieve big, they had to risk big. They weren’t afraid to reach for the stars, but today techno-geeks like engineers, chemists, and other science professionals, only want to do what is safe and comfortable within the confines of their formulas and theories.

Doctors don’t cure patients, but rather medicate them. While this appears good to the naked eye, it has paved way to a new god — technology. People can’t have conversations anymore, can’t socialize, can’t hold relationships, can’t take criticism, have very low confidence, are in poor psychical fitness, have poor motor skills, can’t build things, or concentrate on any one thing for more than seven seconds all the while others are learning trade skills and raking in money.

Silicon Valley know that if you give them a nice paycheck, and they’ll happily toil all day in their lair, doing whatever you tell them to without remorse.

What kind of world is this going to lead us to, a AI society where robots reign supreme? Will individuality be replaced with compromised conformity? Will people be told what to think, what to believe in, what to do as a profession, whom they pledge allegiance, and how to live their lives? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in such a world. I’d rather take a chance and venture out into space. Yes, I may encounter alien hostility, but at least I’ll go out with honor unlike the future generations who will voluntarily die so they can be uploaded into a computer or some other freakish hybrid imitation of human.

Technology was supposed to be a tool to serve humanity’s needs, but the opposite has happened. We live in a world where kids study engineering so they can support the growth of technology over their own lives. There’s a limit to how far this can go, and I anticipate a very sudden radical shift coming.

Virtually all Work these days is done on a Computer

We are told that we need technology, that it makes us better, delivers us information, and makes our lives easier. I have a hard time accepting that especially when statistics show that people are working harder and longer for very little with costs increasing due to inflation. Technology was supposed to reduce our work day and make life easier.

Building and manufacturing is one thing, but now design too is expected to be replaced by AI. Men used to be able to build houses without blueprints, fix things without consulting manuals, and invent devices without making drafts. Now, engineering schools force students to draft on a computer. In my calculus class, my professor said that in the real world we will never use calculus because computers will do it for us. Most kids cannot add or subtract in their head, but are dependent on expensive calculators.

In fact, despite more Americans holding advanced degrees, most are illiterate, poor in math, and public speaking because they’re so dependent on spell checker, phones, and calculators. The odd thing is that technology has already been placed as the almighty judge of what is acceptable, permitted, and correct. And it’s redefining what is right in our world. For example, I was taught in English class as a kid that the proper plural spelling of hair has no “s”, but “hairs” has now become accepted because of repetitive incorrect use, and technology gave it the okay.

I also feel like history is being rewritten by AI, but there’s nobody to talk about with it. It seems like no one can remember which is why someday I will create a library with physical books before the government bans them.

Modern Science & Technology has Failed to Solve Human Problems

People were promised that it would bring us a higher standard of living and shorter work day. However, the opposite has happened — people are now working a lot harder for a lot less, and for longer hours. We are told that we know more, but is that really true? Students perform worse in math and science, and America as a country is at an all time low. In that regard, technology is a scam.

People are going deaf from headphones, earpieces, and blind from all the texting and selfies. Apparently, excessive radiation can disrupt the blood-brain barrier causing stroke even in young fit people. Now with 5G WIFI being rolled in, there are concerns of its effects on the environment, particularly trees as expressed by the Sierra Club. Uninformed people however, laugh at this, they think they’re above the environment, animals, and nature. They think they can do whatever they want without consequence but they don’t realize that losing plants, trees, and animals, can have dire consequences on ecosystems which can eventually effect our food and energy supply.

AI can do a lot of things, and its abilities are increasing. It can now create realistic portraits of people, furniture, homes, cars, hotels, landscape, you name it, and most can’t tell the difference. In fact, it does it so good, you’d think it’s real. And, AI’s abilities continue to grow. This is great for corporations, but a nightmare for people.

I’m not onboard the positive thinking ship, because the future to me looks bleak. Thanks to the rigged economy and corrupt businesses, people have become more skeptical about everything, and soon they won’t know what to believe. Everything they see, touch, and see is becoming heavily edited by software. Originality will become something rare to find.

Enjoy every moment of freedom you have today, because these days will be remembered as the greatest.