The Advent of Artificial Intelligence

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The Advent of Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence as we know it is one of the most cutting edge technologies in the world today. From having tech corporations invest billions in it and having billionaires install a voice interactive system like the fictional “Jarvis “in the ‘Iron Man series ‘, AI is sure to be a field that is as boundless as it is innovative and truly the limit to which one can explore this field is limited to one thing only, provided a sound technological and operational knowledge — Imagination.

AI has only reached the stage it is now, because the pioneers of that technology envisioned it as a tool to help mankind with almost everything, from automated driving to interactive homes, AI has been achieving the targets its creators set with consistence.

The latest trends in AI are not huge cumbersome “robots of the future “ , but now we delve into the microscopic and nano level , we are in the process of developing , hoards of ‘nanobots’ which have amazing applications in almost every viable field . From delivering medicine directly to affected cells, removing malignant tumors at the root, to even using ‘hive mentality ‘to organize scores of individual bots to form a solid structure.

Most people were initially skeptics about the fact that machines can do tasks meant for humans, due to them lacking basic instinct or intuition. But these have been overcome by adaptive technology and deep learning which use the computing power of a super computer to do a task as well as a human could, as evidenced by the historical chess match series between GM Garry Kasparov and IBM’s Deep Blue. The eventual score was a tie which came as a shock to many.

AI has a long way to go but it’s getting there one step at a time, and is slowly becoming integrated into our daily life. Apple’s ‘Siri’ is perhaps the best example of this fact. Iphone users use Siri on a daily basis whether it’s to find the nearest restaurant or grocery shop or to book tickets. These are tasks that typically take some amount to do in the conventional manner but can be done within seconds by Siri, and that is the hear t of AI. It’s meant to help humans by enabling machines to think as good as any human, a fact to which Mr Kasparov can testify.

AI may be a revolutionary and controversial topic, and may have a long way to go, but it’s here to stay and is charting its progress with unprecedented growth.