The Age of the Idea

Original article was published by Ilexa Yardley on Deep Learning on Medium

As long as humans are ‘alive…’

Photo by Frank Vessia on Unsplash

We don’t have to worry about anything, as long as humans are ‘alive,’ because humans operate using the ‘idea’ as an indicator.

That is, yes and no, is, true and false, because is ‘is’ is-not.

Sounds crazy?

Well, then, slow down a bit.

We know that Nature is controlled, managed, and explained by an uber-simple circle. An always-conserved circle, meaning an always-present ‘circle.’

That looks like this:

This gives us ‘yes’ and ‘no’ (one and zero) (circumference and diameter), meaning, if zero, then one, and, always, vice versa.

If zero, then one.

Therefore, the idea prospers on its own, and protects, at all times the human, and all of the human’s endeavers.

Idea (Is) (Is-Not)

This is because half-the-time is all-the-time from a circle’s point of view. And, if you can think this through (use it as the basis for the concept called ‘idea’) you can understand why you do not have to ‘worry’ about anything.

Half-the-Time (All-the-Time)

Over time, then, no matter what you ‘do,’ (say) (think), the ‘circle’ has you covered. All ideas are half-right-half-wrong-at-all-times.

Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore, the only dynamic in Nature. Explaining why humans use ‘idea’s’ to prosper (survive) (and reproduce).

Teach the Circular Theory…