The Amalgam of Neuroscience and A.I!

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The recent technological advancements diluted the fine line between Neuroscience and A.I.

  • Convolution neural networks (CNN), the fundamental unit of deep learning is inspired by the neural cortical layers of the primary visual cortex at the occipital lobe of the brain.
  • The major impact of A.I in our daily life is because of its exponential growth with the presence of the huge amount of collected tagged data and an increase in computational power in the last decade.

Can A.I solve the most complex physical object in the universe?

We are trying hard to understand the complexity of the brain. The true nature of “consciousness”.

The property emerges due to the collective behavior of 86 billion neurons firing in beautiful patterns like the stars in our own ‘milky way galaxy’. The dark matter is present about 5 times the normal matter in our universe to support the formation of the Galaxy and providing additional gravitational force that helps to bind normal matter. This is synonymous with the glial cells in our brain as they too provide a hostile environment for the proper functioning of the neurons.

The “BLUE BRAIN PROJECT” is mapping every single neuron along with 10,000 synapses that they made with one another. These synapses can be excitatory or inhibitory and they process the information accordingly.

Imagine this huge amount of data where algorithms can detect patterns and even help for drug trials virtually on the supercomputers itself.

The BRAIN MACHINE INTERFACE is a promising technology that has the potential to treat several brains disorder such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, and dementia.

The algorithm working continuously by detecting patterns and stimulating the brain to help patients so that they can live a normal life too.

I hope, for a bright future where humans and machines are working to solve one of the difficult problems in science.