The Application Services in Machine Learning

Original article was published by Thiyari Sai Manikanth on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The Application Services in Machine Learning

Machine learning has become a new technical trend where the learning process is becoming much easier and quick at understanding. The word machine learning itself describes the machine which gains its own ability to learn and process the information for what we provide to a machine that reduces the human effort.

There are many applications which are used in the market on a daily basis. The widely used applications include the following appliances.

1. Computing the predictions online

Machine learning has developed the algorithms on congestion analysis to resolve the traffic-related issues. The machine learning algorithms have developed the scenarios which could able to estimate the regions where the congestion problems can be identified and help in preventing traffic congestion. The best example is a GPS Navigation system. The applications also include providing the estimations for transport networks such as estimating the price to ride a vehicle.

2. The advantage of social media

The social media applications are now updated with machine learning programs which can track the profile visits, your interests, groups sharing, workplaces, connecting friends etc and a lot more to improve the communication channels on the basis of continues learning. The profile pictures in social media are well recognised even with different postures and projections that could help the users in connecting the people with new communications or finding their friends online.

3. Virtual support

Google, Siri, Alexa are few automated applications which assist the humans in finding the information through voice-over services. The user can able to set the schedule, search and reminder notifications with these virtual platforms that can generate the alerts automatically. It is integrated with different platforms. The examples are Smart Speakers used by Amazon Echo and Google Home. Smart Mobiles used by Samsung Bixby and Mobile Apps like Google Alo.

4. Customer support

Applications like chatbot are developed using machine learning techniques. The bot algorithms will extract the information from the website and delivers it to customers. The machine learning algorithms can understand various user queries and responds with suitable replies to the users.

5. Defending from threats

The email spams filtering is powered by machine learning algorithms which enables the application features that can identify the spam and malware. It implements algorithms such as C 4.5 Decision tree Induction, Multilayer perceptron. The programs which are powered by machine learning understand the coding pattern that could able to detect 325,000 malwares per day.

6. Monitoring with Surveillance devices

The monitoring devices such as cameras are powered with machine learning algorithms to identify and detect persons with facial recognition patterns. The surveillance devices are developed with well-trained algorithms to detect any crime which helps during the investigation.

7. Detecting Frauds in Transactions

Machine learning programs provide high-security measures in detecting the frauds online such as money laundering transactions. The set of tools or packages used in machine learning can difference which transactions are legitimate and which are not that happens between the buyers and sellers.

8. Business online

The clients use several websites to shop the products online. The machine learning algorithms which are developed automatically add the details to the business cart such as the purchase of the item, brand preferences, quantity and list of items which are added to the cart etc.

9. The benefit of Search Engines

The search engines will apply machine learning techniques to query and produce search results. Google Search Engine is most widely used in the industry which generates effective search results which rank the pages through the complex algorithms developed in machine learning.

10. Automated Driving

The automobiles are programmed with unsupervised algorithms of machine learning which uses the deep learning concepts that can automate the mechanism of driving the vehicles without any user interaction or human effort. Tesla is a well-known manufacturer that developed self-driving cars.

Machine learning algorithms are very easy to understand and implement the programs with less coding practices which enable the users to analyse the services in all the categories including security, healthcare, social media, business, monitoring traffic and lot more. There are several courses in the market which provide the best training essentials required for developing these skills to visualize and monitor the data for analysis. HKR trainings provide the best courses in the market in visualizing and transforming the business needs.