The Art of Influencing People

Original article was published by Komal Gupta on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The Art of Influencing People

One who has the skill of influencing others can achieve anything in the world. How do you think the prime minister of India has got that position? Because he has an MBA degree in International business or because he has done research in the field of Economics? The answer is because he knows how to influence a billion people(The Art of Influencing People).

The most successful people reach the epitome of their career because they know how to make people work for them instead of forcing people to work. Everybody needs a helping hand to get them to where they want to be.

The possibilities are endless. Let’s say you move into a new city and want to make new friends. You want a job and have to sit in an interview. You want your children to go to school willingly. You own a business and want to sell your product or services. All of this can be achieved inarguably if you know how to win people?

This blog will certainly help you understand a little about human behavior and how to influence them to do what you want them to do. (The Art of Influencing People).

1. Make them feel important
2. Get interested in people
3. Smile is the best way to make an everlasting first impression
4. Names are important
5. Be a good listener