The best 10 Artificial Intelligence podcasts (2020 A.I)

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The best 10 Artificial Intelligence podcasts (2020 A.I)

In a fully digitalized era, podcasting is nowadays one of the new sources of information not to be neglected in order to learn more about a subject and discover new passions. For the A.I lovers I summarize the best English podcast available.

1 — artificial intelligence by Lex fridman

Artificial Intelligence by Lex Fridman

Artificial Intelligence podcast (AI podcast) is a series of conversations about technology, science, and the human condition hosted by Lex Fridman.

Lex fridman is a well known MIT professor doing research in human-centered AI, deep learning, autonomous vehicules & robotics.

During 1 hour you can join the conversation between the top deep learning makers like Elon Musk, Jack dorsey and more..

I recommand it to all the personne interest in A.I