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Leveraging AI for Business Value

Your competitors are using AI to analyze sales, what do you do? Organizations today are applying artificial intelligence capabilities to a wide variety of uses especially in operations such as for process enablement. Each organization is focusing on performance improvements using AI. This explosion of interest in AI poses a challenge to managers to effectively make sense of and use AI effectively. Understanding, organizing, integrating and delivering AI is a key issue today. Business must be clear about the use and value of AI to avoid chasing an unachievable and expensive dream.

AI carries with it many implications. Jobs change dramatically, current skill become obsolete and displaced, there may exist resistance to change and unrealistic fear of robots taking over as well as other aspects of automation. This was true when automation hit the factory floor in the 1960s and 1970s. Union issues may pale by comparison with white-collar response. Today pictures of auto assembly and other manufacturing plants show few workers. What detail work remains is slowly but surely giving way to automation. However, the positive side promises better paying work, newer and more interesting tasks and less physically demanding and boring operations.

Managers and professionals should prepare for the coming changes. What happens when AI becomes part of the work process? What can we expect from AI capabilities today? What may happen in the future? Answers for these and other questions are part of the value of this course.

Benefits of Attending

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the different uses of AI today
  • Understand the techniques used for the different types of AI capability
  • Define a roadmap to reach effective use of AI
  • Explaining the technology available for AI
  • Interpret how AI can help the business
  • Select appropriate AI techniques for the business
  • Understand the limits of AI
  • Suggest operational opportunities for AI

Key Topics Covered:

Day One: It’s all about patterns

Section 1: Artificial Intelligence today

  • What do we mean by AI
  • The six types of AI
  • What is the AI value proposition?
  • The goal/decision focus of AI today
  • Machine learning versus neural nets
  • Defining your AI journey
  • Video – AI Today

Section 2: AI Techniques – Neural Nets & Machine Learning

  • Why a neural net?
  • What do you get from a net?
  • How they work
  • The idea of machine learning
  • Statistical analytics
  • Demo and Discussion – Understanding Buyer Behavior

Section 3: The AI Roadmap

  • Setting up the problem – what is your AI goal?
  • How does your industry use AI now?
  • What infrastructure will you need?
  • Stages of AI growth and maturity
  • The AI portfolio
  • Understanding AI risk
  • Exercise – Identifying your AI Goals

Day Two: Applying and Managing AI

Section 4: Operationalizing AI

  • Linking AI capability into processes
  • Intelligent process automation, analytics and insight
  • Machine learning and BPM analytics
  • Processes and chatbots
  • Limits to AI linkages
  • Video Discussion – AI and BPM

Section 5: Added uses of AI in the Organization

  • Management application of AI to the workplace
  • Integrating AI in products and services
  • Emerging uses of AI
  • Buyer behavior
  • People who bought this also bought that’
  • Demo and Discussion – Understanding Buyer Behavior

Section 6: Identifying AI Risk

  • What technologies should you use?
  • Where are the candidates for AI?
  • Matching opportunities with technologies?
  • Developing risk factors
  • The risk 4 – box assessment
  • Understanding AI risk
  • Demo and Discussion – Understanding AI Risk
  • Final Q and A

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