The Economics of Media: R Floridi vs N Bostrom

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The Economics of Media: R Floridi vs N Bostrom

Floridi (not related to the state called Florida or the chemical called Flouride) studies the ‘philosophy of information’. He has great hope for the information age — -everyone will be totally wired, microchipped, and swimming in a stream of information 24/7/365 times a year. It may be utopia on steroids.

Floridi is occassionaly on Sputnik Radio (part of RT).

Bostrom is less sanguine on the age of information — -worries about X-risk of superintelligence when your smart phone takes command of your brain. He has an interesting paper on the Sleeping Beauty Paradox or Problem (which he discusses with aid of ‘hyperreal numbers).

Both Bostrom and Floridi are in UK — -maybe Oxford. They don’t seem to mention each other.

Probably can’t afford the connection.