The Google as mediator for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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The Google as mediator for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Technology has traveled far enough to cover a variety of areas in technological development. The innovation to intellectual approach has run to heights of service and development. People can now invest for a machine that could offer services essential for intelligence. Machines are now considered as the most powerful learning tool for everyone. They are now integrated with the simultaneous technological advancement not just for spare parts but also in the applications that are present in the system.

Artificial Intelligence is a general term used in describing the computer systems ability to carry out human like intelligence. Marketing this intelligent machine that is usually in the form of robot and applications pave some way in upgrading the most definitive approach in an intellectual quotient of everyone. Although it does not necessarily mean that machines are now far more intelligent than a human.

However, it seems that as the technology live long in society, it becomes more deranged to discover and enhances everything for a purpose. And technology simply neglects that humans still carry the powerful tools of intelligence one way or the other. Thus, the areas of artificial intelligence technology today is comprised primarily of Robotics, Machine Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Business usually applies artificial Intelligence by applying the Predictive Analysis.

In addition, machine learning is one of the artificial intelligence programs who explains the ability of the machine to provide decision making based on the previous cases and experiences. Through the numerous advances in the development of artificial intelligence, a variety of platforms have combined their approach with the AI technology. One of the tools integrated into artificial Intelligence and machine learning is the It is one of the services composed primarily of machine learnings and voice recognition.

Communication between individuals can now be simulated through this service. Developers of the services build chat bots wherein the conversation will flow in a domain of successive text management. In addition, the contains domains which typically refers to the collection of data and knowledge structure which will eventually fill the gap in the service as well as to the artificial intelligence technology.

Furthermore, technology is very essential in providing artificial intelligence and machine learning in a sense that it has the ability to do speech recognition, contextual management, intent recognition and even allows the system to develop a domain specific knowledge characterized by the ability of the machine to deeply understand a certain statement that means the same thing as to the other way.

Moreover, is a tool that can play with 15 different languages which include primarily of English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese and much more. The capacity of the machine carrying this tool is far much greater than expected in a typical machine. The development in this area of artificial intelligence technology caters most of the popular company such as Microsoft to invest in a large dose of a dollar. The ongoing development of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the Google API. ai integration benefits millions of people around the globe.

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