The Inside Story of The SCAM Called A.I.

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The Inside Story of The SCAM Called A.I.

Let me tell you something about the world of technology. Vendors and Analysts come up with a new Hype every ~2 years approximately. They ride this wave for 4–5 years and make money from it. In the past there have been Hype Cycles about Cloud Computing, HTML5, Mobile, Big Data, Blockchain, and now Quantum Computing and A.I.

During these hype cycles both individuals and corporates benefit. Not just vendors. Individuals make their careers and move up the ladder by projecting themselves as champions of technology. Vendors make umpteen products to help their clients adopt such technologies. And company spend their budgets on such products and managers justify their existence.

Since 2006 when Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun, Bengio released their work on Deep Learning. Most top vendors have gone all out to tout A.I. is the solutions to the worlds problems. The only problem is that there is nothing called A.I., A.I. exists only on powerpoints. What we have is called Machine Learning, Neural Nets and Deep Learning. Such vendors show wonderful demo’s of Generative Neural Networks with Heads Talking aka Deep Fakes. But beyond the hype nothing much has been achieved of any consequence. The technology is unreliable, and fails randomly and extremely severely. It works only in the exact scenarios it was trained on. It has especially failed to deliver on all the tough problems it said it would solve. Even till today there are no Autonomous Cars, Chatbots, Cancer Diagnosis etc.

Luminaries like Geoffrey Hinton (The original father of A.I.) and others have been royally ignored in the Gold Rush. They actually said that this is NOT A.I. and if we want A.I. we will have to start all over again. But hardware vendors are pushing their warez. Cloud vendors are pushing their services. And Software and Platform vendors are pushing their platforms without any regard to the realities of the underlying Vaporware.

This is our analysis of the State of A.I.

Everything from your T.V. Remote to Music System in cars to Scooters, Payments, Chat, Video Sharing… everything.

You just need to blurt out the words A.I. in any investment raising pitch to raise your next round. VC’s blindly put money in such things. And eventually the money decides what people do. Entrepreneurs have learnt to play this game by now. Just like every pitch 2 years ago was blockchain.

Even the top vendors are falling for the lure of the Hype of A.I. and are claiming exotic things…

While the truth is that even something as basic “conceptually” as a Voice Assistant rarely works. It was supposed to be quite transactional, I say something which it is supposed to recognize and do e.g. like tell me which movies are playing in my vicinity.

Today Vaccum Cleaners are NOW CONSIDERED ROBOTS and that too they HAVE A.I. (???)

Some of the most fantastic pitches from Vendors have been

You don’t need any engineers, Anyone can do A.I. you just have to wish it.


You don’t need Maths to do A.I.

A Dramatized Version of the state of affairs…

My TV Remote has A.I. When I press the button to change channel it senses my mind and increases the volume instead.

My TV also has A.I. It gives me moral advise when I watch certain channels or video’s.

My Coffee Machine also has A.I. I walk upto it fill the water, seeds and milk, and place the cup and then go back to my study and press the button to make coffee for me. Then I walk back again and pickup my coffee cup. Some say my Coffee Machine has an ‘Artificial IQ’ of 160.

My Car also has A.I. just 10 seconds before crashing it switches to manual mode and asks me to take over controls. I always let it drive me to office and I stay ready to take over any second. I like it it turns my life into a video game in which a gorilla can pounce at you at any minute and my life can end. I can’t live without the thrill.

My Computer also has A.I. whenever it senses I’m sleeping it randomly types keys and moves the mouse so that the corporate key logger is fooled into thinking that I’m working.

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