The Key to Codification (Code, In General)

Zero and one. X and Y. Circumference and diameter.

Codification in nature. (Photo by Ben Kolde)

If X then Y means if zero then one. Meaning, if circumference, then diameter.

This is the basis for coding, codification, code, in general.

A human, from the universe’s point of view, from nature’s point of view, from the human’s point of view, is easily represented by a code because the human shares a circle with a code (also coding, codification).

This is because, technically, and, technologically, the human is a circle, because mind is, technically, and, technologically, pi.

Why we cannot rely on prior explanations for anything now that technology is running the show (for everything).

Technology (zero and one) (circumference and diameter)(yin and yang) always ran the show, and, will always run the show. Why?

Conservation of the circle is the motivation and the explanation for reality. Easy for you to see. Even easier for you to understand, and, then, apply.

Explaining why everybody wants to code, these days.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature (basis for codification in nature).

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