The most important discussion of our time. Review of the book Life 3.0

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The omegas are the division of a technology company in charge of working with artificial intelligence, where at some point in their work, they manage to find a singularity in the development of an intelligence that they call Prometheus.

In its conception it did not have a greater intelligence than a baby, however its growth and learning soon surpassed the one possessed by any human.

By keeping Prometheus a secret, and after several self-learning cycles of this general artificial intelligence, they gradually manage to control all the economic sectors relevant to humanity.

The omegas, being an ethical group, always looked for the benefit, bringing peace to the world, ending with diseases and famine, manifesting the best use of an intelligence superior to the human.

In the course of this brief history, Prometheus is confined, without having access to the world, or in this case the internet, one of these measures fails and escapes.

The rest is a very relevant point of speculation to discuss.

Why tell the hypothetical story of omegas?

  1. A singularity can occur at any time in search of artificial intelligence.
  2. Having control over an intelligence far superior than human, is a responsibility and a risk.
  3. The results of creating this entity are totally unpredictable.
  4. It is important to accept that by creating an entity that is smarter than us, it is likely that it can overcome any “chain” that we have put in place so that it does not get out of control.