The One Resource You Can’t Buy…

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The One Resource You Can’t Buy…

Data Strategies Gone Bad and How To Fix Them, Culture Issues & Data Governance…

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1–Bad Data strategies: A few years ago, I asked a customer how she evaluated the cost of a bad data strategy. Her answer: every wrong decision costs us $50,000. How much do bad decisions cost your organization? Check out Yasmin Siddiqui’s framework to protect against risk, loss of money & time.

25 steps to a Better Data Governance Program: Principles, Quality, Metadata & Semantics, Accessibility and Lifecycle Management. Thanks Gregory Vial for the great piece, Vijay Khatri & Carol Brown of Stevens Institute of Technology.

3 — “The Problem with Communication is the Illusion that it occurred”. FIRST, as a french person, I’d like to apologize to my American friends, colleagues & family. SECOND, I’d like to THANK Simon for sharing Erin Meyer’s research. If anything, I have science as an explanation!
1) Context: US appears to be a low context society. France does not.
2) Feedback: The French favor direct feedback. The Japanese might not.
3) Egalitarian: The French appears more hierarchical than Americans.
4) Decisions: Here is a place where Americans & the French meet!
5) Tasks: The US seems to be at the opposite of India. France is right in the middle.
6) Confrontations: Err….yeah…Again, sorry to my American, Japanese & Indian friends.
7) Time & Scheduling: yeah…so here again, my latin roots might not be favorable in the US culture.

More on “low context” in this video

4 — “Analytics is the Quest of Inspiration” — Cassie Kozyrkov
Chief Decision Scientist @ Google. See below both the 4 min conversation and the longer form one too!

5 — Customer Award of the Week goes to Ed from Autotrader UK! He is passionate data analytics leader who loves to build data driven products: over 75% of all time spent on UK classified automotive sites is spent on Auto Trader which creates an amazing opportunity for them to innovate with Data.

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EXTRAS OF THE WEEK: Scott Taylor, aka the Data Whisperer, makes me laugh! He has a knack for coming up with memorable content.

The first one here is a serious one (but has a great zinger in it: “I’ve seen 3 types of data quality: good, great and sucks”)

The second one is about CDOs (Chief Dog Officers), Pirates who like R and industry buzz words….:)