The potentially dangerous illusion of false confidence in supposedly relatively Covid19 confirmed…

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The potentially dangerous illusion of false confidence in supposedly relatively Covid19 confirmed case numbers, in the vicinity of shallow testing

1) One of my gleaner articles: “Why Jamaica urgently needs a Minister of Artificial Intelligence”:

2) ***Today, on April 8; 2020, Jamaica has done only 907 tests in total, which is somewhat laughable.***

Jamaica could have reasonably done thousands of Artificial Intelligence driven tests by late February, maybe between 500 and 1000 tests per day, if the country was not mostly artificial intelligence illiterate.

Somewhat low number, only 907 tests done by Ja so far:

i) China using Ai to fight Covid19:

ii) South Korea tested 140,000 people, including Ai usage (USA had done 1500 tests at around the same time, which is horrible):

3) My February 9, 2020 artificial intelligence project, the world’s first open access ai driven Covid19 diagnosis project as far as I am aware:

4) Of note, for some countries, only 6% of actual covid19 infections have been detected by countries worldwide, according to study cited in a new April 7, 2020 Medical Xpress article.

**This means that more than 10 million people could actually be infected by Covid19, contrary to the reported number of roughly 1.4 million cases.**

5) Notably, world recognized epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, (helped to stop smallpox), says we can beat the novel coronavirus but first, we need lots more testing:

6) Additionally, here’s a way to note exponential change, and not being carefree about the small 63 cases that Jamaica currently reports (notably with only 907 tests done by Jamaica):

i) Feb 28,2020, USA cases confirmed: only 66

ii) March 27, 2020, USA cases confirmed: 101,242

ib) Feb source:

iib) March source:

Let us be reminded of potential exponential growth, also known as potential doublings of numbers when it comes to this virus.

Author, Jordan Micah Bennett, RobotizeJa