The Reasons behind Big Tech Companies Building Cities

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The Reasons behind Big Tech Companies Building Cities

The latest technology like 5G and internet things allocations are two major reasons for the city building. A smart city is considered the newest concept an old city never had before. Some giant companies like Google and Amazon play a key role. A smart city is definitely designed to improve the life quality within an urban community. The city is run as efficiently as possible with data collected by IoT (Internet of Things). The concept of this city allows a strong connection between citizens and governments that lead to easier adaption toward altering situations.

So, what’s the reason behind a giant tech company building a city then? As smart cities generally linked with the latest technologies intrinsically, it’s unsurprising that a giant tech company involve in the city building as well as its process of growth. Facebook, Amazon, and other big tech companies have all various thoughts for smart cities. The reason behind this is that a tech company wants to have a city with good technology integration with efficient management. The technology is actually used to reduce crime rates as Amazon does with their Rings cameras and doorbells. Those devices let users warn of unusual activity in their neighborhood area.

Even though a big tech company builds a city to increase efficiency as well as sustainability, there are several apprehensions that must be taken into consideration. Constant data collection, cameras, and sensors that are combined have actually led to some issues like hacking, vulnerability, and also surveillance. A smart city could be an easy target for cyber hackers out there. Therefore, digital security is the principal.

So, what can we expect in the next years to come? Pessimistic and optimistic could be a crucial thought for the continuance of smart cities build by tech companies. We may be able to predict the technology grow rapidly in which the growth is embedded in this kind of city. The increase in technology development can also push the smart city boundaries, particularly in urban development. On the contrary, there are also several skeptical risks like its inability to deal with individual fears and demands about data usage.

Ultimately, the smart cities’ development is going hand-in-hand with some giant tech companies and will have a profound effect on city management and life aspects, from pollution monitoring, transportation, to public safety. As long as the city development is taking place with data security, accountability, and transparency, this great city could be a brilliant idea in the future. Hence, it can also improve the life quality of the citizens. In the future, the competition is predicted about collaborations and visions.

More and more, the giant tech companies are positioning themselves and their positions in an automation market city. At the end, who set-up the devices as well as who keep and process the data which is produced in every second is matter. As the trend growing up, it’s considered as the time for those companies to invest in comprehensive prosperity within the city they are located as well as doing business.