The Social Revolution Of AI

Original article was published by Sofya Fedkina on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

So how can we avoid that? How can we strive for a better world without inequality in it due to progress? The technology of AI is truly fascinating. Even though we are still far away from True AI, the heights we have already achieved, and the heights that we are going to achieve in a matter of years are truly impressive. Nonetheless, this technology, due to its incredibly vast applications and endless possibilities for development, can become a double-edged sword against humanity, seeding divide and reaching the dreaded concept of ‘high tech low life’.

It’s important to live up to our name as a species — Homo Sapiens, “the wise man” — and exercise wiseness. It is not us versus machines, it is us and the machines, but to avoid further separation, we must take action. This isn’t just an issue of AI, this is an issue of the job market, the education sector along with many others.

To avoid unemployment and the digital divide, it is important for us, as the society, to push for more safety nets for those who will lose their jobs, to turn our attention towards modernizing education, and focus on creating affordable tech that can be used by everyone. We are one species, and this new world that we see being created right before our eyes is exciting, but for many, it is also terrifying. United we rise, divided we fall and it’s important to avoid adding more fuel to the fire of inequality with this amazing technology.

This isn’t a scary story, this is a warning and a call for concern. It’s easy to get lost in the joy of creation, paying little attention to the ethics and implications of what you’re doing, just as it is easy to be so occupied with consumption that you never notice how the technology is dividing our world. Our generation is the one that’s going to inherit the world in a matter of years and it will be up to us what we do with it. The future, shaped by our every action, isn’t set in stone. A brighter future for the entire planet with AI’s help shouldn’t be a dream.

It should be a goal.