The Space Between The Letters

Understanding the human’s connection to the universe.

When we look up to the sky, at night, we see a universe of ‘letters.’ Literally, and, also, figuratively. Where a ‘letter’ is a point in time, and space connects all points in ‘time.’

Where time is imaginary, from space’s point of view, and ‘realistic’ from a ‘human’s point of view. Meaning, pi is the ‘connector’ between ‘imaginary’ and ‘real.’

It looks like this:

Space and time. Imaginary and real.

Space and Time, Zero and One

Where space and time are zero and one, circumference and diameter, of an uber-present ‘circle.’ This explains the ‘space’ between the ‘letters,’ and, also, our ‘connection’ to the universe. Where any X and-or Y is, maximum, and minimum, zero and-or one.

Where zero and one is one and two. (The ‘space’ between the ‘letters.’)

Where any ‘one’ of us is the ‘space’ between the ‘letters’ for all the ‘others,’ called, again, ‘us.’ Explaining why it has to be a circle separating, and, also, joining ‘us.’

Zero and one. One and two.

Zero and One, Background and Foreground

There is a ‘constant’ space as the background for everything in the foreground, as the diagram above illustrates. Meaning, we can label the diagram with any ‘set’ of ‘letters.’ Because the diagram is made of lines, that are ‘fashioned’ into ‘circles.’ As are, then, all the ‘letters.’

Where, underneath it all, you can’t have a line without a circle, because you can’t have a ‘letter’ without ‘space.’ Where the word ‘letter’ is a ‘symbolic representation’ of ‘space.’ And, the word ‘space,’ then, is a symbolic representation of ‘us’ (any me and-or you). Where letters are, like everything else in the universe, interchangeable.

Where all of us (me and you) function as the ‘space’ between the letters.

Background and Foreground

Connection and Separation

Where each one of us connects and separates all the others in us, and, also, then, necessarily, all the ‘others’ all around us. Where all the ‘others’ in the universe are, us, in a different (yet similar) time and space.

Where we are, always, literally, and figuratively, connecting (and separating) all the ‘letters.’

Where the universe functions as a cloning device. Where light (points of light) can be connected like dots, where it’s, always, ‘us,’ doing the ‘connecting.

Connection and Separation

The Space Between the Letters

An ‘other’ way of saying this, we are, all of us, the ‘space between the dots.’ Space between the ‘letters.’ Space among the dots (and letters).

Meaning, we play background for any ‘other’ foreground. It’s always up to us. Who or what (when or where) (why and how). What (who) is in the foreground and what (who) is in the background.

How we choose to ‘notice’ a foreground-background, and, also, then, what we ‘choose’ to ‘label’ it. What it proves (no matter what the foreground, background, label) is there is a mandatory circle between a background and a foreground.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature (pi is the only observer).

Source: Deep Learning on Medium